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World of Violet is our first project, developed and regarded by us as a beautiful toy, which helped us to live through the difficult year 2012. During our journey, we were discovering the idea of an “interactive cartoon book”. The first part of the project defines one main line of thought – the encounter of another world whilst keeping in touch with the old world – a cool idea, don’t you think? We plan to continue with other aspects of the story and more inventions.

Have you ever contemplated what it would be like to escape from the city? To move to an idyllic spot somewhere near a forest, to escape the annoying bustle of civilization? What a wonderful thought! But what if you were born in just such a remote spot? What would it be like to live in a dilapidated cottage in the woods with your alternative (and perhaps TOO alternative) parents, who refuse all the advantages of modern life?


There are some very strange gamekeepers at work in the forest. They think they are the ''forest masters''. They don't like Violet's family but they seem to hate Arnie especially. If there is one thing a gamekeeper can't stand it is a dog running free. For this reason, Violet must always watch Arnie and keep him close to her. Should Arnie go astray, something bad might happen to him.

Welcome to Violet's world. Here, the little girl makes a stand against the gamekeepers and has many adventures. We now give you the first glimpse of this fantasy world - a world which subtly differs from our world.

Through the interactive application, you can see many differences between our dull, humdrum perception of the world and Violet's unique view. Discover the place she lives, peep into her household or check out the nasty gamekeepers.

The entire series of interpassive applications ''World of Violet'' is based on interlinking innovative image processing, cutting-edge technological solutions and original sound tracks from various artists. Each episode makes use of interesting technological solutions for player-application interactions. You can look forward to diverse graphic presentations of the episodes. As a result, the complete application series forms an interactive mini album comprising six chapters.